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Monday, July 10, 2006

A big day!

2950 Diapers
3295 Nursing Sessions
4 teeth
530 jars of baby food
103 boxes of baby wipes
450,034 kisses

1 year of the wee lady. Sweet, isn't she?


Blogger scrapcat said...

what a gorgeous girl!
love her dress, too.

10:49 PM  
Blogger Jessie said...

she is stunning! And what a cute birthday buddy!! I'm 31 today :)

11:50 PM  
Anonymous Barb said...

Happy birthday to her! I love the stats on her... very cute idea!

12:23 AM  
Blogger Janet O. said...

She is so stinking CUTE!!!!!

1:01 PM  
Blogger Mimi said...

Happy Birthday!

1:46 PM  
Anonymous Summer said...

Love it!!!
Yes, I do lurk on your blog...

9:04 PM  
Blogger Jill said...

How SWEET! She's adorable!

11:45 PM  
Blogger Erin said...

so sweet :)

2:35 PM  
Blogger Shirley said...

Hope that the adorable one had an awesome birthday!

3:26 PM  
Blogger MsGrace said... cute!


7:25 AM  

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