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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Sitting Pretty

Eight Months worth of Cute Posted by Picasa

The other day, I looked at the calendar and had a shocking realization. My baby was 8 months old, and was still not sitting alone or crawling. Her little gummy smile gives no hint of impending teeth. Hm. So, being the mommy of child #3, I did not panic, but instead plopped the little lady on the floor to see if she'd stay upright if I left her sitting.....and what do you know! She did! As you can see, she likes it.

Crawling will come....for now, she's still rolling and dragging herself along like a wee Commando. Lord knows when the teeth will show up.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Rocking Out with Joan

My college years saw some good, quality time rocking out with Joan Armatrading. Seriously, that woman can write a phenomenal song and then sing the heck out of it. Most folk think that the ultra-fab ">Love and Affection was Joan's first album....while it's awesome, it didn't come first......

I got my mitts on a tape of the Joan Armatrading debut album "Whatever's for Us" back in those college days...and I've been searching for another copy ever since. It has been out of print for YEARS, so I've been dosing out listens to the tape, in perpetual terror that the cassette would wear out and I'd be left Joanless. NO MORE! Some smart fella in the UK finally arranged for this faboo recording to be available on CD! WHEE!

Seriously. If you love simple, great songs, this is for you. Trust me.